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"Whatever happens, not a single Florian is to pass through that gate!"

- Duke Vladimir, the day before Aronheim fell

Aronheim is the second largest urban center in Meyerland. Only Spellmeyer has the privilage of calling itself a city, so Aronheim is technically the largest town in Meyerland. However the people of Aronheim would say it is a city in everything but a name. 

Sitting close to the Florian border, Aronheim is a heavily fortified town with tall stone walls and a large church in the centre which doubles up as a keep.

During King Branislav's invasion of Meyerland Aronheim was high on his list of priorities as it sat on an important road capable of quickly transporting his armies straight to Spellmeyer. 

The Sacking of Aronheim[]

Duke Pyry sent one of his best generals, Duke Vladimir to Aronheim's defense, but could not afford to send a suitable army. He hoped that Vladimir's experience and cunning would be enough to halt Branislav long enough for Pyry to raise enough soldiers for a counter attack.

In Jaedrem 638 Branislav lay siege to Aronheim, which looked as though it could hold for quite some time. But only after three days, a group of Mey traitors opened the gates in the night, allowing Branislav's army to slaughter the town's garrison without a fight. The traitors thought by opening the gates they had saved the town from the torch, but Branislav was disgusted by their lack of loyalty and sacked the town as punishment.

Renfrith's Band was stationed in Aronheim at the time, yet their fate is unknown.