This species of enlightened bird people are found in the Great Ashcone Forest and Ashcone Peaks. Avians combine the features of human and raptor, having the build of a lanky humanoid but with talon feet and a wingspan equal to their height. They come in a variety of colors along the white, brown, and black spectrum. Their heads remain very birdlike, with a sharp beak, piercing eyes, and tufts of feathers that are groomed into different styles. Their feathers cover most of their bodies. Though their feet resemble the tough claws of most birds of prey, their hands retain a more humanoid shape.

Avians are known to dress in light clothing such as cloth and silk. Their colors tend to match their surrounding environment so as to have constant camouflage when necessary. A common tradition among avians is a necklace that carries token feathers, normally no more than three, of significant family members, usually the mother, father, and spouse.

After hatching, avians remain helpless without a parent. They learn to walk around the nesting area around a year of age and are attempting flight by year two. They reach adulthood at about 16 and have lifespans similar to humans.

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