A goliath headhunter

"If you shit in the woods, bury it. The goliath don't like the smell."
- King Svetomir IV
Goliaths are a race of tall, well build humanoids native to the forests and mountains of Atsmah and Sławomir. They are expert fighters and are often recruited by Sławic nobles as bodyguards or mercenaries, however they mostly tend to keep to their own tribe. A typical male goliath stands at 8 to 9 feet. Female goliath are a little lither and shorter than the males, but still tower over other races.

The facial features and movements of a goliath harken back to wild animals; their features are sharp, unrefined, and they move with almost inhuman speed and style. Their canines are long and sharp, like a beasts.

Nowadays their numbers are dwindling, and they've had to meet more with the other folk of the continent, as the other option is to slowly die out in the wilderness. Goliaths are first and foremost hunter-gatherers, so untouched wilderness (especially forested regions) is where they feel at home. A typical goliath tribe lives in the same forest, or by the same river, or on the same mountain slopes all their lives, never once moving or changing their lifestyle. The fall of their race is changing this truth, however.

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