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Physical map of Ilarion

Ilarion is a continent that stretches from the Colovian Ocean in the West, to the Great Ashcone Wood in the North and the Qualian Grasslands in the South and East.

The regions of Ilarion

Ilarions is split into seven different regions, based on geographical location, as well as cultural and ethnic similarities.


The part of Abbazerrah that is in Ilarion is mostly grasslands, with the Mellanas river acting as a natural border.

The nations of Abbazerrah are Mellanas and Qualia.


This region is defined by the Great Ashcone Wood seperating it from the rest of Ilarion to the South and East. Ashconia spills north out of Ilarion, with most of its population living north of the Great Ashcone Wood and technically out of Ilarion.

The nations of Ashconia are Ashcony and Sławomir.


Atsmah mostly resides outside of Ilarion, with the South-west borders being defined by the Great Ashcone Wood and the Errestian Forest. It it a land of mostly elves and is very suspicious of outsiders. Thus it is separated politically, culturally and linguistically from the rest of Ilarion.

Its only nation is Atsmah.


Bláthnata sits in the middle of Ilarion, with access to the sea through the Gulf of Velinia. It has a majority elven population, but has many humans living in the west. It is home to Brethwein and Glaswood, two of the oldest forests in Ilarion.

The nations of Bláthnata are Bláthnata and Torleif.

Greater Floria[]

Originally the land of the gnomes, Greater Floria is now a staunchly human region. It is separated from Ashconia and Atsmah by the Errestian Forest and Great Ashcone Wood to the North; from Bláthnata by the Ashcone Peaks in the west and from Abbazerrah by the Mellanas to the East. Its border with Yaruj is often disputed.

The nations of Greater Floria are Auverney, Bourkland, Floria, Maela, Meyerland, Moise, Skulding and Tarland.


The westernmost region of Ilarion, Velinia is the land where humans first came to Ilarion. It has the largest coastline than the other regions and the largest human population. It is also the birthplace of the Laiman religion. It also encompasses the Isle of Dominic and Hess.

The nations of Velinia are Berrennaslaw, Laima's Territory, Velibor and Wareland.


Yaruj sits between the Yaruji Mountains to the north and the Mellanas river to the south. Culturally and racially, it is the most diverse region, having the largest dwarf and gnome populations in Ilarion.

The nations of Yaruj are Falder Nor, South Yaruj and Yaruj.