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"For too many years now Greater Floria has been ruled by the weak and petty. I aim to put an end to that."

- King Branislav I

Branislav I is the current king of Floria. He was born in 611; the son of Petar II of Floria and Philippa. He is also the half brother of Petar III of Bourkland.

Personal Life[]


Prince Branislav was the first born child of Petar II and Philippa. Unfortuantely Philippa died during childbirth leaving Branislav without a mother. At age 4 his father married the elf queen Shiala I of Bourkland and quickly gave birth to a son named Prince Petar. Lacking a mother to give him attention, Branislav grew to envy and hate his half brother and took to martial training as a way to gain his father's approval.

In 620, Branislav, then aged 19, married Gertring, the daughter of a Yaruji duke, whom he met at a grand ball in Yaruj City. The next year Gertring gave birth to Prince Micah.

Early Reign[]

In 624 Petar II died and Prince Branislav was crowned Branislav I, King of Floria. Shiala I and Petar fled to Bourkland, worried Branislav would attempt to add Bourkland to his kingdom. However Branislav did not pursue them.

As a child Branislav had a keen interest in history and wished to unite the nations of Greater Floria and create that old kingdom once more. He declared himself the "Rightful Ruler of Greater Floria" and began building up armies, forging armour and training soldiers. After Shiala's death in 637, the newly crowned Petar III was certain that Branislav was going to invade so also began building up his own forces.

The Invasion of Meyerland[]

Instead of attacking Bourkland like many thought he would, Branislav declared war on neighbouring Meyerland, who were not prepared at all. Branislav's armies successfully took Aronheim and are now marching towards Spellmeyer, Meyerland's capital.

Other Information[]

Full title = His Royal Highness King Branislav I of the House Cogning, King of Floria and Rightful Ruler of Greater Floria, by the Grace of Juvel

Position = King of Floria

Born = 2nd of Meathem 611 (Age 27)

Birthplace = Juvel's Garden, Kingdom of Floria

Reigning since = 27th of Eros 624 (4 years, took power at 23 years old)

Predecessor = King Petar II (King Branislav's father)

Heir = Prince Micah (King Branislav's son, 3 years old)

Spouse = Queen Gertring

Religion = Juvelan