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"They call my brother Petar the half elf. Half fairy is more accurate."

- King Branislav I

Petar III is the current king of Bourkland. He was born in 615 to Petar II of Floria and the elf, Shiala I of Bourkland. He is also the half brother of Branislav I of Floria.

Personal Life[]


Prince Petar mostly grew up in the court of Petar II, but would also spend a lot of time in Bourkland, his mother's kingdom and homeland.

He was not much of a soldier, unlike his half brother, preferring instead the arts. He learned to play the lute and sing and would often entertain guests at balls and banquets. He did not get on well with Branislav who was envious of the attention he got from both the king and the women of Floria.

In 624, Petar II died and Branislav became king. Fearing for his life, he and his mother fled to Bourkland and cut diplomatic ties with Floria. Shiala I died in 637 aged 70 (which is young for an elf) from natural causes.


As his first act, King Petar III began improving relations with the Kingdoms of Moise and Tarland, in case he needed their aid when Branislav inevitably attack. However, the expected invasion never came. Instead Branislav invaded Meyerland and Petar could breathe a sigh of relief. He continued to arm Bourkland regardless.

Other Information[]

Full title = His Royal Highness King Petar III of the House Cogning, King of Bourkland, by the Grace of Juvel

Position = King of Bourkland

Born = 27th of Aelass 615 (Age 23)

Birthplace = Juvel's Garden, Kingdom of Floria

Reigning since = 4th of Didem 637 (1 year, took power at 22 years old)

Predecessor = Queen Shiala (Petar's mother)

Heir = King Branislav I (Petar's half-brother, 27 years old)

Spouse = None

Religion = Juvelan