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Full title = His Royal Highness King Umjerti II of the House Jueraeh, Kingdom of all Yaruj, Climber of the Yaruji Mountains, Captain of the Algrace, True King of the Yaruji, by the Blessings of Holy Planaast

Position = King of Yaruj, Head of the Planaasti Church in Yaruj

Born = 5th of Anazarem 626 (Age 12)

Birthplace = Yaruj City, Kingdom of Yaruj

Reigning since = 5th of Anazarem 636 (2 years, took power at 10 years old)

Predecessor = King Garian I (Umjerti's father)

Heir = Duke Mellessly (Umjerti's great-uncle)

Spouse = None

Religion = Planaasti