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An orc

"The only good orc is a dead orc."

- Jarl Lasse

Orcs are a race of highly aggressive humanoids from the uncharted lands east of Ilarion. They are fairly intelligent creatures; they live in tribes, have their own language and can some can even wield magic. However all attempts at peaceful contact with them by the denizens of Ilarion have been in vain.

Orcs raid, pillage, loot and rape wherever they can and have incurred the wrath of Jarl Lasse, who says he will not rest until every orc lies dead at his feet.

Half Orcs[]

The origin of orcs is unknown; some scholars speculate they are actually monsters from another dimension, summoned to this plane somehow. Nevertheless, their anatomy is close enough to the races of Ilarion that they can cross breed with them. This is generally non-consensual breeding, although there have been a few examples of happy orc-elf couples. The resultant child is a half orc; they share many physical traits with orcs, but are less strong. However, they are a lot less aggressive and more intelligent than their monstrous cousins. Despite this, they are generally considered freaks and outcasts by the people of Atsmah, but at least they are not killed on sight.

Notable half orcs include the warlock Orinaki.