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The Banner of Renfrith's Band

"Your past doesn't matter. As long as you can swing a sword."

- Renfrith

Renfrith's Band is a small but successful mercenary group currently employed by the Republic of Maela.


It was created in 633 by ex-soldier Renfrith from Velibor, after he became dissatisfied with a soldier's pay and lack of career prospects. As a lowborn peasant with no formal education, but with a natural knack for tactics and warfare, he built Renfrith's Band in the hopes it would make him rich.

Initially it was only a small band of 12 men, but after a daring rescue of Princess Meli from a group of bandits the band gained some recognition. By 638 the group had grown to 82 mercenaries from all over Ilarion and included humans, elves and dwarves from all the major religions.

Foreseeing further growth, Renfrith decided to split his group in to. The first, Renfrith's Boys, would be led by him directly. The second would be run by his old friend and original member of Renfrith's band, Malcolm Melea. This second group Malcolm named the Sons of Planaast.

Renfrith's Boys fought for Meyerland during the Sacking of Aronheim. Their current status is unknown.

Known Associates

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