Bank of Lesbon

The Bank of Lesbon is the eighth largest bank in the Republic of Maela, with its vaults fabled to hold hundreds of millions of Marka in gold and jewels, but this is probably exaggerated.

The bank's sigil is two black fish with a gold line through them. This represents wealth and protection. Between the fish is the bank's motto, Hold and Grow.

The Heist of 638 Edit

On the 5th of Depherem 638, a group of robbers disguised as construction workers, broke into one of the vaults and took an estimated ten million Marka in gold bars.

A few days before the heist, three unknown ruffians entered the bank, two through the front entrance, one bursting through the ceiling on a giant owl and began murdering bankers. They escaped into the city and the guardsmen could not find them.

The next day repairs began on the ceiling of the bank. It was then that the robbers, who are assumed to be the same ruffians that attacked the day before, broke into the vaults and stealing gold that was intended for Duke Pyry in his war against Floria.

Three bank employees were killed during the heist. The robbers are still at large.

Known Associates of the Bank Edit

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