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Map of Maela

"Maela. A city of murderers, cut-throats and exiles. My kind of town."

- Renfrith

The City of Maela is the capital of the Republic of Maela as well as being the largest city in Greater Floria with a population of 35,796. It covers an area of 314 km2 and has a density of 114/km2.




Maela was founded in sometime around 400 BL (Before Laima). Legend has it that a fisherman named Helmut noticed so many ships were passing through he decided to build a general store to trade with the ships. His store was so successful that hundreds of villagers from miles around came to Helmut's spot to set up their own stores. Over the next 1000 years the city grew and grew to what it is today.


Due to its profitable position on the Algrace there have been many attempted invasions of the city, mostly from Meyerland and Falder Nor, but only one invasion by the Kingdom of Greater Floria during the Unification War in 422 was successful. With the collapse of Greater Floria in 480, the city of Maela became independent again and has since prospered. The city has no standing army and can muster very few soldiers, but it has a strong tradition of hiring mercenaries to do its fighting for it. There is a saying it Maela, "There is no greater morale boost than a pocket full of coin". This has proven true for Maela as mercenaries still defend it today.


Maela is the second wealthiest city in Ilarion after Mellanas, boasting low poverty rates and a large merchant class.

It is home to many banks that operate all over Ilarion thanks to it's mercantile government and lack of regulation. Its position on the Algrace, the longest river in Ilarion, allows goods to be transported from beyond Atsmah all the way to the Colovian Ocean.


Maela is a republic and thus lacks a monarch. Elections for a Grand Mayor are held every 4 years and unlike in Mellanas, anyone may run for Grand Mayor (providing they are a male, Juvelan, land-owning citizen of the Republic of Maela with no criminal convictions). The Grand Mayor governs both the city and its surrounding countryside.

The current Grand Mayor is Robert Duvet.