Tunnels and Trolls Wikia

Type of Religion = Polytheistic

Chief Deity = Iseyl, the God of Day and Night

Focus = Avoiding divine wrath

Afterlife = Feasting with the gods in Paradise

Worship = Individual prayer at shrines and sacrifice

Holidays celebrate = Solstices, past miracles

Clergy = Men and women

Function = Soothsayers and leaders of rituals

Lifestyle = Simple

Family = No restrictions

Chosen = Hereditary

Distinguished by = One eye removed

Symbol = A white stone and a black one

Holy Colour = None

Passed Down = Long oral tradition

Creation Myth = Emergence

Mortal’s Origin = Descended from the gods

Deadly Sins = Cowardice, Gluttony

High Virtues = Fertility

Coming of Age = 18

Coming of Age Rites = Leading a public precession

Marriage = Sanctioned by clergy and ruling class

Marriage Rites = Their hands are tied together for two days

Death Rites = Cremation after mourning period

Other Major Deities[]

  • Didal, the God of Snow and Water
  • Mylanus, the Goddess of Trickery
  • Chai, the God of War and Victory
  • Bielli, the Goddess of Order and Chaos
  • Idalus, the God of Fire