Tunnels and Trolls Wikia

Type of Religion = Monotheistic

Chief Deity = Juvel, the God of the Earth and the Sun

Focus = Self Improvement

Afterlife = Incomprehensible to mortals and cannot be reached while alive

Worship = Solemn group prayer

Holidays celebrate = Heroes, great priests, martyrs, great rulers

Clergy = Men and women

Function = Perform charity, maintain shrines and temples, connect to the spirits of the deceased

Lifestyle = Comfortable

Family = Average, no restrictions

Chosen = Appointed by head of clergy

Distinguished by = Earth and Sun jewellery

Symbol = Sixteen pointed star

Holy Colour = None

Passed Down = Collection of holy books with commentary

Creation Myth = Emergence

Mortal’s Origin = Clay

Deadly Sins = Sloth, cowardice

High Virtues = Honesty, patience

Coming of Age = 14

Coming of Age Rites = Separated from family for a month

Marriage = Very informal

Marriage Rites = Often performed as group weddings

Death Rites = Immediate burial