Type of Religion = Monotheistic

Chief Deity = Laima, the Goddess of Life

Focus = Protecting the weak

Afterlife = Sit beside Laima in paradise

Worship = Solemn group prayer

Holidays celebrate = Laima’s mercy, fertility

Clergy = Women only

Function = Maintain shrines and temples, act as healers

Lifestyle = Luxurious

Family = No families or romantic relationships allowed

Chosen = Appointed by head of clergy

Distinguished by = White robes

Symbol = An angel

Holy Colour = White and red

Passed Down = Collection of holy books with commentary

Creation Myth = Succession

Mortal’s Origin = Fallen Angels

Deadly Sins = Lust, Wrath

High Virtues = Temperance, Selflessness

Coming of Age = 13

Coming of Age Rites = Boys are shaven completely

Marriage = After a period of courting

Marriage Rites = Performed by priestesses

Death Rites = Cremation

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