Type of Religion = Polytheistic

Chief Deity = Abkazar, God of Justice

Focus = Converting others

Afterlife = 100 years in the Underworld, followed by reincarnation

Worship = Group prayer

Holidays celebrate = The glory of the Gods, holy prophets

Clergy = Men only

Function = Perform charity, maintain shrines and temples, spread the message of Sapia

Lifestyle = Luxurious

Family = No children allowed, wives allowed for higher members of the clergy

Chosen = Appointed by head of clergy

Distinguished by = Tall fezzes

Symbol = Curved sword

Holy Colour = Amber

Passed Down = Collection of holy books with commentary

Creation Myth = Emergence

Mortal’s Origin = Created from parts of the gods

Deadly Sins = Decadence, unfaithfulness

High Virtues = Charity

Coming of Age = 13

Coming of Age Rites = Boys walk “The Holy Path”

Marriage = Ordained by clergy

Marriage Rites = A man may have many wives

Death Rites = Cremation

Other Deities Edit

Suleki, God of War and Innovation

Aerotrii, God of the Material World

Krudai, God of Medicine

Runca, Goddess of Fertility, Women and the Home

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