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The land of Ilarion is by no means a safe one. It is a land riddled with cruel kings, unstable nations, greedy merchants, bloodthirsty bandits, religious zealots... And that's just the humans. As nobles plot and scheme in their towers, monsters roam the countryside, orcish tribes raid from the north and east, gnoll bands ambush travellers along the roads and dragons occasionally come down from the mountains to burn down a village.

The year is 638, called that because it has been 638 years since the goddess Laima walked Ilarion (or so the Laimans say).

In Atsmah to the East, the Thanes have elected a new Jarl.

In the newly formed state of South Yaruj, the brave King Donnalt I has died before he could produce an heir, leaving his young (and some say mad) brother the throne.

In Floria, King Branislav I has declared his wish to reunite the kingdoms of Greater Floria and has declared war on the Grand Duchy of Meyerland. The Republic of Maela has come to the defense of Meyerland.

In Bourkland, King Petar III appears unable to produce an heir to the throne and the nobles are worried that Branislav will use this as an opportunity to take it for himself.

And in Torleif, the war of independence continues against Bláthnata. There are talks in the countries of Velinia as to whether they should support a new Laiman nation, yet only Laima's Territory has given Torleif any support in the form of Velibor Crowns.






Latest activity[]

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